Daily Tips – The Proper Tools to Win the Battle

Hey folks, Vasilis here coming at you from the beautiful island of Penang in Malaysia.

Being able to work from wherever in the world can have many advantages as you can obvisouly watch in this video…like visiting new places and building a stable income at the same time.

However , constantly visiting new places gives you the opportunity to learn many many new things , meet new people, open your mind to new ideas and have the ability to transfer all these new images to your people.

Your Fort, Your Weapons & Your Battle?

If you watched the video…(if you didn’t – GO UP and watch it because it includes the whole idea of this blog post in 2 mins)…you probably know till now that i’m talking about a battle , how to win a war , your weapons , your tools etc…etc…

You see throughout all our life we are going through many battles, daily in every imaginable part of our life, without even understanding it most of the times. We are “fighting“…

  • to build a great relationship with our loved ones
  • to maintain and increase our income
  • to provide a better life to our familes
  • to sustain a good health or fitness level
  • to obtain and achieve our goals

and so many more things…

Are you with me ??? Leave me a comment then.

Program Yourself for Success

The Proper Tools to Win the Battle

If you relate with the previous examples, then we have many things in common and you are very close to a new level of success…the only thing that remains for you to do is to TAKE ACTION and improve your results by using the correct tools.

What i mean with the phrase “using the correct tools” ?

The correct tools is the proper education – systems – skills. Note this down!

If we need to make more money, we are required to invest at the “HOW TO” part of our education and system. If we need to build better relationships, we need to invest to that specific “HOW TO“.

You see all our battles can be won using the correct “HOW TO” solution – that means the “correct tool” for the appropriate battle we are going through in our life…

If you are looking for the “correct tool” or HOW TO build a sustainable online business – make money online – obtain Freedom & Prosperity, look no further.

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Daily Tips – Learn to Be Adjustable & Teachable

Hey folks…Vasilis here , coming to you from the beautiful island of Penang in Malaysia.

Right now most of you will be wondering…”How can he travel from Phuket to Penang and other countries…?

You see, i chose to work for my self – with NO boss – living an exotic lifestyle an traveling the world.

The best part is that traveling the world, you get to learn many things from the common people – things that can give you multiple ideas about the “working online” industry.

Adjustable & Teachable – An Overlooked Aspect of Success

Since the first time i came in Penang and in Malaysia in general, i had this great “HOW” spinning in my mind…

How did they manage to have a peaceful culture that includes very big percentages of all the widely known religions like Budhism – Christianism – Muslims etc etc

As you know…our world is plagued with “religion wars” especially in Arabic countries. However here you can see people living in total peace , hanging around with people from different religions , respecting their individuality of belief & worship and finally creating long lasting relationships.

There had to be an answer…something i was missing and i had to find it out cause my mind wouldn’t relax…:-)

Are You Missing a Few Details or You Want Some more Proofs? 

The Sneaky Mistake we All Do…

…and then the answer came to my mind, just flashed out of the blue.

You see i had this information that since England allowed Malaysia to be independent, there were 3 generations till now. So the people had time to blend and adjust to the required circumstances.

And here is the answer – People were “forced” to become Teachable & Adjustable

What that means is that people had an open mind , they tried to adjust in their environment and to teach themselves to communicate and solve their matters peacefully.

On the other hand , 99% of people failing to make money online is because they are NOT Teachable & Adjustable. That means that they are not willing to follow basic guidelines that are proven to work and are not ready to leave their Ego behind.

So, they try to “fit” the advices & guidelines to their point of view…without understanding that this will ultimately lead to their certain failure…

Maybe you’ve experienced this in a previous situation or you want to “Program Yourself for Success“.

Let’s Work Together

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The Money Mind Virus that Keeps us Poor

Hey folks…Vasilis here

Here is a sensitive matter that I noticed, all people have, without even knowing it. We are all biased “against” money…we think money are “evil” and we don’t deserve it…and this is weird when you are trying to earn money in whatever business you are.

But before we dive into this “childhood problem” or “society problem”, however you might call it…

Let’s Learn The Secret Story of Money


I’m sure that right now…after watching this video you should feel able to zoom out and take a more “strategic” look at the plan you have for building wealth in your life.

After understanding the different forms of money, and why we lose so much of it without even knowing that it’s happening, comes the time to start TAKING ACTION.

Because believe it or not…

Your Financial Situation Right Now is the Result of Your Best Thinking“…

So if you are not happy with the results, there is something that needs to be changed RIGHT NOW…make a different decision…take a different path…

Why We Fail With Money…?

Now…This almost sounds like science fiction, but it turns out that the way that our brains are wired actually PREVENTS us from ever accumulating wealth.


Did you understand why something like a simple car payment can wind up costing you MILLIONS of dollars (you read that right, millions)?

Also, why the “natural” way that most of us think about buying things costs us multiple TIMES the original price in the long-run (and this isn’t because we use credit cards or pay interest).

These insights have made a massive difference in my financial life, using them in combination with…

The Money Gap & How to Close it


In this video you learned two more of money’s “dirty secrets” – including an insight about self-made millionaires that is helping me achieve a lot of success in my business and financial life.

Also, the single biggest obstacle that most people face in the area of makingthemselves financially independent. And the “kicker” is that most people have NO IDEA that this obstacle is even blocking them.

So, who does playing small serves? It surely serves better to play large!!!


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Daily Tips – The Importance of Relaxation

Hey folks…Vasilis here, coming to you live from the beautiful Chalong pier in Phuket – Thailand.

Hope you are having a great day. Personally i really enjoyed the day i shoot this video for you. The basic reason is because i don’t believe that many people out there are giving such valuable and deep content to their followers.

Then i had to follow the same advice and have lunch…sitting to a table on the sand of a tropical beach, eating some seafood with my girlfriend while the waves were making our feet wet…

Imagine this picture for a moment…

Why Relaxation is Important for Your Success

What i’m going to share with you in this post is scientifically proven BUT no one really uses it to energize the human body and spirit. I personally read this in a book by Tony Schwartz named “Be Excellent at Anything: The Four Keys to Transforming the Way We Work and Live”

This is completely contrary to everything we know about what makes it possible for human beings to perform at the highest level. Here is how the Ultradian Rhythm works.

The human body is hard-wired to pulse. To operate at our best and be highly productive, we need to renew our energy at 90-minute intervals — not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

When we build this rhythm into our lives, it changes everything. Unfortunately, rest and renewal get no respect in the world we live in. The modern model for success is to hunker down for long and continuous hours in front of a computer or at meeting, answer emails late into the night and work till drop.

RIGHT NOW it’s your turn to Learn HOW to Retire on a Tropic Island Working With YOUR Exotic Lifestyle Mentors. We are here to HELP YOU – Lock Arms With You.

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Increase Profits! Focus on Income Producing Activities

Hello to all! Its Jason again!

Today’s topic that i want to talk about is all about increasing profits by focusing on more income producing activities!

As an entrepreneur, some of your everyday tasks directly produce income and others do not. Yeah simple right? But most people don’t understand this completely.


It does not mean that non-income producing tasks aren’t crucial!

All company owners have tasks to do that aren’t connected to income producing hours that are absolutely necessary.

It helps create a more rewarding schedule due to the fact that you can focus even more time on exactly what produces income.

I want to point out some things to remember when it comes to income producing tasks.

Ask Yourself THE Question !

Each time you start a task, ask yourself the crucial concern,

“Is this a moneymaking activity?

If the response is yes, continue. If the response is no, it is necessary to make a choice about whether or not the job is necessary or a time waster. If it’s a time waster, stop. Save time wasters for when you actually have time to waste.

You don’t have time to lose if you wish to be profitable!! I

Ask yourself

“Are there moneymaking activities that have to be done today?”

If so, do those very first and save other jobs for later on.

Each day, you have the power to choose what you’re going to. Exactly what are you going to do today that advances your business, brings in cash, and gets you closer to your success.

I really suggest that you :

Focus on your moneymaking tasks for a minimum of 90 to 120 minutes without disturbance!!

Enabling yourself nonstop time, free from social networks, e-mail, and telephones.

Some people call it being in the “zone.” It’s when you are totally 100 percent concentrated and energetic about exactly what you’re doing.


To make it simplier to you i want YOU to have these things in mind:.

  • Know what your moneymaking jobs are.
  • Spend the majority of your time on them.
  • Give yourself enough time for “flow-focus”.
  • Automate as many non-income producing tasks as you can.

So guys listen, what you just read is something that i teach our team . Did you know that you have a chance of becoming a member of our team and having all the isnide info right now?

All the info that you need to succeed  RIGHT NOW!

So instead of wasting your time just surfing the internet  JOIN OUR TEAM

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Get a FREE Traffic Boost by Using Empire Avenue

Its most likely that you’ve never heard of Empire Avenue before, same thing happened to me before signing in. I remember first time noticing its existence through hundreds of posts in my Google+ news feed, suggested by Joel Comm. From the first moment i realized that this should be important, given that it was suggested by a Guru of the field, so next thing was to type its url and land to its page.

First Impression is mind boggling, especially for an inexperienced user. All this combination of social media, games and networking analysis about reputation and reach, stated on the landing page might confuse you. Empire Avenue leads you to create your profile through few easy steps or login with your Facebook profile and the connect all your social media sites and blogs you participate to.

So, What Will Empire Avenue Do For You?

Think of Empire Avenue as your personal stock market! Yes, weird but when you get used to it, it gets really addictive. So, once you connect all your social profiles you will need to create your personal ticker(ID). This is like stock markets stocks, for example Googles is GOOG and it gets a share price in conjunction with your social actions. Really Awesome Right?

So, every time you or your friends make a social action that has to do with your content, like following, tweeting, sharing etc, your share price will get a boost. In general terms it will track your everyday social actions and its results to determine if you share price will increase or decrease and how much that will be. Additionally, there is a live chat system like Facebook that lets you talk with almost all people that are online at that moment.

And What About Eaves? What is this?

Stock Market trades happen with real money (ok not real, but you get the point), so Empire Avenue had to create a currency in order for the users to make the trades happen. This currency is called Eaves and when a new user registers, is given 100.000 Eaves to start with. You will notice at the right side of your profile that there are 2 big buttons called Portfolio and Shareholders. These buttons inform you how many people have invested in you and how many you have invested in. Now you are ready to invest!

But, i am not an investor! You will see people investing on you and you will have the chance to invest in others like on real stock market trading. Why is this happening? To gain more eaves from the increase of the people you invested in, duh.and this is the reason that you will notice many people investing in you from day 1. You have to think yourself as a startup business for other users and how can you make the best possible invests in order to gain increase on your personal startup.

A user can buy 200 shares maximum from another user at the beginning. There are many upgrades or achievements that will unlock you new choices and possibilities as you move on higher the leaderboard. Another way to gain some eaves is by doing other users missions. Click the Missions tab and choose from hundreds the ones that suits you. Once you complete them, the eaves reward will be credited to your profile.

How Do I Get My FREE Boost Of Traffic, Then?

Remember Missions tab? Here you can also create your own missions including any social actions you can think of! Imaging giving eaves to people to share your page or post, tweet your message to their followers or even like your videos on Youtube. You can even target the exact users that can accept your mission in order for your social actions to happen on your niche. You will have to create a strategy on how to earn and spend eaves, or even buy some, and play the Missions game smart to gain a HUGE Traffic Boost for your blog.

Another thing you can do is participate in Empire Avenue discussions. This place is like a real time stock market news stand with people talking or exchanging opinions for their business, investments happening and a lot more. Plus there are several interest oriented groups like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc.Position yourself wisely in these discussions and you will gain a lot of respect and the most important, highly targeted traffic for your website. Our members in v+j success team are using this tactic in conjunction with their Big Idea Mastermind campaigns gaining multiple signups, ultimately creating their own money income stream. Caution, Empire Avenue users are mostly highly educated people that will understand you right away if you spam or trying to pitch them all time. Be genuine and provide value to their discussions.

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Increase Your Signups with GetResponse Analytics

GetResponse is amongst the top 5 email marketing services according to Email Marketing Services Top 10 Reviews 2013. Email marketing services are taking the place of direct mailers for virtually all email marketing strategies existing out there. Instead of printing and mailing direct to your customers, email services like GetResponse can handle all this for you, digitally, avoiding all the paper hassle. The most known email marketing services are MailChimp, Aweber, iContact and GetResponse.

Email marketing services include more and more helpful apps as the social networks and the internet marketing evolves. By using a top of the line email service, like GetResponse, you can instantly see who is opening your emails, which links theyre clicking on and how many of your subscribers are forwarding your emails to their friends. Email marketing services even offer social networking buttons such as Like and Tweet so your messages are even easier to share with others. Lately email analytics reports have been added so you can see the percentages of your email bounces, click through rates (CTR), conversion rates(CR) etc.

GetResponse provides its users with great analytics reports for the newsletters, the subscribers, the autoresponders, your goals etc. So by analyzing the received data, a user can configure more effectively his/hers campaign and target the subscribers in order to gain more conversions for his/hers campaign goals. Read below to learn the exact same ways, v+j success team and BigIdeaMastermind use GetResponse analytics tools to make money online!

Email Marketing Strategies with GetResponse

GetResponse main dashboard gives you many but simple and easy to understand choices. There is the dashboard, the contacts, the messages, statistics, surveys, web forms, landing page and your account details. Underneath it, on your right, is the active campaign at the moment and all the choices below, add contacts, create web form and send newsletters will refer to it by default. The main dashboard gives you also quick information about per campaign subscribers with basic dating segmentations like today, yesterday etc.

Email Marketing Strategies Analysis with GetResponse

The default dashboard is the newsletter, which is accessible through the button Statistics on the main screen and comes with multiple choices for all users. You can adjust the analyzed dates on the upper right corner, compare multiple newsletters, examine the tabs to see a summary of percentages about the unique clicks, the open rates, the unsubscribe rates and many more. All these details are summed up underneath the tabs and appear in a pie chart with several numbers in percentage on the right. The given details are similar to Autoresponders tab.
Underneath the pie chart and for every different tab you choose, Opened, Clicked etc, you will find the specific contacts that had an interaction with your emails depending on the chosen tab. There you have the choice to email again something different to that specific user group or keep their email, one by one, for something else, maybe a different newsletter campaign for example.

Clicking on the Opened tab will reveal you the open rate of your newsletters or autoresponders, throughout time. The graph can be shown on a regular chart or on a graph bar simply by changing the appearance on the upper right corner. There is also the choice to switch between Opened, Unique Opened or Unopened emails. Hovering your mouse cursor on the graph will reveal more details for every day separately. Once again underneath the chart you can find the specific email users group that opened your emails. Here is the newsletter graph and below it you can find the time based autoresponder graph.

Two tabs under Newsletter, on your left, is the Subscription tab. Clicking this will reveal subscription statistics for the chosen email campaign and for a specific predefined date range. Once you choose a campaign you will have the choice of List Size, Subscriptions and Unsubscribed. List Size presents you with a general graph of your specific email campaign growth throughout time. Clicking on Subscriptions tab will reveal the number of new subscribers per day and finally Unsubscribed tab will show you the unsubscribed users per day. On the right of the graph is the total List Growth in numbers and Average New subscribers per day, all for the given date.

Below the subscriptions chart you will find another chart displaying the Subscription Method. This graph reveals the source that your subscribers signed up from, which is really crucial for your email marketing strategies. This chart has graph colors for Web Form, Email, Import etc.

Another really useful chart for your email marketing strategies is below. Here you can find the geographic locations of your subscribers, which will help you target your leads even better according to their locations. You can even zoom the map to a city level for more accurate targeting.

Right below Subscriptions tab is the Email Clients tab. A very important part of your email marketing strategies with GetResponse. From here you can chose the campaign or the newsletter you want details for. A pie graph named Desktop vs. Mobile will be presented followed by the numbers in percentage of the email opens per device.

Scrolling down at the page, you will come across two even more specific pie charts. Here you can find Desktop and Mobile data separated. Both of these pie charts come with the email opens by client data in percentage to help you locate your subscribers preferences. You can even identify the software that your subscribers prefer to use (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc) and focus even more your targeting and offers.

Epilogue of your GetResponse Email Marketing Strategies

Here is your chance to stand out of the crowd and the rest internet marketers out there. GetResponse provides you a very useful analytics pack for your email marketing strategies. You only need to analyze the data and integrate them into your email campaigns. As you might already be aware, even the slightest increase on your selling rates or your goals will probably mean extra cash for you or your clients.

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