Hello to all! Its Jason again!

Today’s topic that i want to talk about is all about increasing profits by focusing on more income producing activities!

As an entrepreneur, some of your everyday tasks directly produce income and others do not. Yeah simple right? But most people don’t understand this completely.


It does not mean that non-income producing tasks aren’t crucial!

All company owners have tasks to do that aren’t connected to income producing hours that are absolutely necessary.

It helps create a more rewarding schedule due to the fact that you can focus even more time on exactly what produces income.

I want to point out some things to remember when it comes to income producing tasks.

Ask Yourself THE Question !

Each time you start a task, ask yourself the crucial concern,

“Is this a moneymaking activity?

If the response is yes, continue. If the response is no, it is necessary to make a choice about whether or not the job is necessary or a time waster. If it’s a time waster, stop. Save time wasters for when you actually have time to waste.

You don’t have time to lose if you wish to be profitable!! I

Ask yourself

“Are there moneymaking activities that have to be done today?”

If so, do those very first and save other jobs for later on.

Each day, you have the power to choose what you’re going to. Exactly what are you going to do today that advances your business, brings in cash, and gets you closer to your success.

I really suggest that you :

Focus on your moneymaking tasks for a minimum of 90 to 120 minutes without disturbance!!

Enabling yourself nonstop time, free from social networks, e-mail, and telephones.

Some people call it being in the “zone.” It’s when you are totally 100 percent concentrated and energetic about exactly what you’re doing.


To make it simplier to you i want YOU to have these things in mind:.

  • Know what your moneymaking jobs are.
  • Spend the majority of your time on them.
  • Give yourself enough time for “flow-focus”.
  • Automate as many non-income producing tasks as you can.

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