Hey folks…Vasilis here, coming to you live from the beautiful Chalong pier in Phuket – Thailand.

Hope you are having a great day. Personally i really enjoyed the day i shoot this video for you. The basic reason is because i don’t believe that many people out there are giving such valuable and deep content to their followers.

Then i had to follow the same advice and have lunch…sitting to a table on the sand of a tropical beach, eating some seafood with my girlfriend while the waves were making our feet wet…

Imagine this picture for a moment…

Why Relaxation is Important for Your Success

What i’m going to share with you in this post is scientifically proven BUT no one really uses it to energize the human body and spirit. I personally read this in a book by Tony Schwartz named “Be Excellent at Anything: The Four Keys to Transforming the Way We Work and Live”

This is completely contrary to everything we know about what makes it possible for human beings to perform at the highest level. Here is how the Ultradian Rhythm works.

The human body is hard-wired to pulse. To operate at our best and be highly productive, we need to renew our energy at 90-minute intervals — not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

When we build this rhythm into our lives, it changes everything. Unfortunately, rest and renewal get no respect in the world we live in. The modern model for success is to hunker down for long and continuous hours in front of a computer or at meeting, answer emails late into the night and work till drop.

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