Hey folks…Vasilis here , coming to you from the beautiful island of Penang in Malaysia.

Right now most of you will be wondering…”How can he travel from Phuket to Penang and other countries…?

You see, i chose to work for my self – with NO boss – living an exotic lifestyle an traveling the world.

The best part is that traveling the world, you get to learn many things from the common people – things that can give you multiple ideas about the “working online” industry.

Adjustable & Teachable – An Overlooked Aspect of Success

Since the first time i came in Penang and in Malaysia in general, i had this great “HOW” spinning in my mind…

How did they manage to have a peaceful culture that includes very big percentages of all the widely known religions like Budhism – Christianism – Muslims etc etc

As you know…our world is plagued with “religion wars” especially in Arabic countries. However here you can see people living in total peace , hanging around with people from different religions , respecting their individuality of belief & worship and finally creating long lasting relationships.

There had to be an answer…something i was missing and i had to find it out cause my mind wouldn’t relax…:-)

Are You Missing a Few Details or You Want Some more Proofs? 

The Sneaky Mistake we All Do…

…and then the answer came to my mind, just flashed out of the blue.

You see i had this information that since England allowed Malaysia to be independent, there were 3 generations till now. So the people had time to blend and adjust to the required circumstances.

And here is the answer – People were “forced” to become Teachable & Adjustable

What that means is that people had an open mind , they tried to adjust in their environment and to teach themselves to communicate and solve their matters peacefully.

On the other hand , 99% of people failing to make money online is because they are NOT Teachable & Adjustable. That means that they are not willing to follow basic guidelines that are proven to work and are not ready to leave their Ego behind.

So, they try to “fit” the advices & guidelines to their point of view…without understanding that this will ultimately lead to their certain failure…

Maybe you’ve experienced this in a previous situation or you want to “Program Yourself for Success“.

Let’s Work Together

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