How to Initiate Yourself to Advanced

Every internet marketer, who respects himself, boasts for his email list and how he can print money out of thin air with the click of a button. But, what does all these mean, for the uninitiated and how someone can dive into advanced lead generation techniques? Why is the list so important and how can someone create a high quality list? All these may sound Chinese for a new comer to the Internet Marketing world but v+j success team is here to clarify this for you in this detailed guide.

On the Internet Marketing world, to have a high quality, responsive list is like the Holy Grail of your business (no offense for religious people :)). Internet is global and huge. So, the only way to keep in touch with a user that is interested for what you have to offer is his email. When a user fills his email on your form, he automatically has made the first step showing a very basic interest for what you have to offer. Its like giving you the permission to contact him for something new about your offer, business or whatever you might promote. Gathered emails are called leads on the Internet Marketing slang.

How Can Lead Generation Techniques Increase Your Sales

Once a user gives you the permission to contact him, by filling his email on your form, the possibility of a new sale appears. This is because you can follow up with your leads anytime you feel there is a reason to do it. What do i mean with this? Think from your personal experience, you don’t like your inbox getting flooded by spam emails or crappy offers and this is the reason that spam filters were invented also. However, the emails you are interested in and add value to you or otherwise help you accomplish your goal, whatever this might be, will be on top of your reading list, probably marked as important. Most times you will find yourself waiting for them to arrive. v+j success team provides REALLY AWESOME content to its subscribers.

So, what separates the valuable email from the spam? Valuable emails provide genuine info or somehow help the reader to achieve something or bring him one step closer to your valuable offer. You have to treat your leads as your most beloved friend, someone that is close to you, for them to respond back and love you by buying your offer. The thing that successful marketer DO RIGHT is to provide great info and value to their leads, positioning the subscriber to place that he waits for a email to read it and do whatever the marketer suggests. Did you get that? Whatever the marketer suggests aka printing money out of thin air with the click of a button.

High Quality Leads Will Increase Your Income Even More

Visualize who could be the perfect client for your business. A prospect that your offer or product would help him accomplish his goals. That is a high quality lead, meaning that the email of such person would have increased possibilities to buy from you on the future. A high quality lead must be genuine interested for the market your product comes to play, for example make money online. Acquiring a new lead from someone that is interested on weight loss would gave you 0 possibility on selling a make money online product. Similar, getting out there and buying thousands of emails wont do you no good, cause these are not genuine interested on your offer, people.

Creating a high quality list is a quite hard and long term process. But it will reward you in time when you have 1000 or more devoted followers that listen to your suggestions. There are many Lead Generation Techniques on the internet and you can use all of them, to test which has the best results from you.

Dont forget that your landing page and offer plays an important part during your lead generation process and you should spend a lot of time to optimize them, to be as awesome as possible! Something that you would buy too

How to Use Safe Swaps For Lead Generation

Safe Swaps is an advanced online tool for lead generation and list building. A user can use Safe Swaps to :

  • create a high quality list
  • to increase an existing list
  • to rent his list to other Safe Swaps users

Keep these in mind and i will explain them in detail further down on Safe Swaps review. Think of this website as a list trading or renting place that anyone who wants to promote his list or promote an offer to someone elses list can register. Registering with Safe Swaps offers a free and a premium subscription. Free plan gives you access to almost nothing, so i highly suggest to go for the premium and pay the 29$ monthly fee in order to get access to more advanced tools. While registering, Safe Swaps will ask you for your account details, an avatar, your small description and your basic swipe (the email offer that you want to promote).

Going with the premium subscription, you will have access to your personal dashboard. There you can see your avatar, the points youve gathered that correspond to your reliability towards other members, statistics with optins, clicks and filtered clicks. There is also historic tracking with your latest event and your upcoming event to help you better track your swaps. An important detail is that you can connect your email service (aweber, getresponse, mailchimp, etc) to auto schedule and verify each swap details.

Hovering your cursor over Search button will pop up a new window with multiple choices. There you have the choice to search for other member in order to make :

  1. Ad Swap with list (you can choose to sent your email offer to a specific size of list)
  2. Ad Swap with clicks (your email exchange will be counted in resulted clicks for each side)
  3. Solo Clicks (you can rent other members list for a specific number of clicks)
  4. Solo Price (you can rent other members list for a specific amount of money)
  5. By Swipe (you can exchange with specific email offer that you like to promote)

Lets say you make a search for an ad swap based on clicks. The result page will present you the sum of other members that can make an ad swap based on clicks, according to the click number you searched. In addition to this every member will be presented with its avatar, description, ratings, list size and average clicks and a Book Ad Swap button to make a proposal for an ad swap to that member. There are more options on your left to further customize your search like sort by score, list size, average clicks, last seen online or exclude members with high limits, members already booked, members that recently swapped or members with unverified lists.

Click on the menu button named Swaps to see your calendar. Calendar is useful to track your booked days, previous swaps you’ve completed and basic details for that swaps like clicks, options, rating, etc Click on a booked day to see detailed info about that swap or click to an empty day to make the system search for other members that are available for a swap at that specific day.

Safe Swaps website has a forum for its members also. You can participate there if you want to ask for advices an other member or look for a specific swap, or even if you are that forum guy that wants to participate to every forum:P

There is the option to talk with other members through private inbox messages, in order to better optimize your swap or plan something outside of Safe Swaps with a specific member. The only bad thing of the message system is that any member has the ability to pm you, making your inbox over crowded in a few days period.

Here is the details screen that you will get during an ad swap. Here you can track the details you got from your partner like clicks, the options you got, any filtered clicks might happen, the profit you got (if you sell something) and the areas of the world that the clicks originate from. Underneath are the same exact details for the traffic you provided to your partner. Your partner sees the exact same details on his dashboard, but vice versa.

The account settings screen is separated with multiple choices on your left and basic details like your affiliate link to promote Safe Swaps(YES you can promote Safe Swaps and gain some income from that), your profile direct link, your leader board place on every swap category you have participated in and your forum ratings. From there you can choose to edit your about me section, your swipes, the autoresponders you use, your calendar, activate the solo ad seller option and other account specific choices.

Safe Swaps got an affiliate program that you can take advantage of, earning some money or even your monthly subscription if you are doing good, promoting it. For example only 15 referrals will earn you $225 monthly residual income. Pretty cool ah? Clicking on the affiliate button will show you your personal affiliate link, promotion material like banners and articles, and your monthly earnings.

Here we are at the end of this blog post. I’m using Safe Swaps with much success and i also suggest to v+j success team members to use it. People i know and have used Safe Swaps got only good opinions to express for this platform. Having said that, i highly recommend you to try it out in order to create or increase your list size.