It seems that more and more people talk about Big Idea Mastermind lately. Many different opinions expressed, most of them accompanied with personal testimonials, fewer as a possible scam. But what is it really all about? Why all this fuss about Big Idea Mastermind and why you should take a closer look, or even better join now if you still havent done that.

Big Idea Mastermind is as quoted by its creator, Vick Strizheus, a one-of-a-kind automated marketing system. This means that by joining, all your marketing efforts will now be almost automated and you will have very few things to do in order to make money. So from this point of view, this system already differs from the ones we are used of hearing, like e-book guides, info products, video webinars etc

So Why Big Idea Mastermind Is Ideal For Me Then?

If you are reading this, the possibility is that you as most people do, is trying to make some money online in order to quit their normal job or add some extra cash to their income or whatever your reasons are. However you are probably used listening stories about people that tried online, maybe spent enough money buying products and ultimately succeed nothing and stopped trying. I wont blame you, even for thinking Big Idea Mastermind is a scam project, also.

But the truth is way different from what you may have used on. Being myself a part of Big Idea Mastermind Community since January 2013, i came across many personal arguments and had many negative thoughts on this. There have been times that i thought of quitting but for some strange reason i kept trying, as our mentor Vick Strizheus proposed all the time. And finally, my first commission!!! It was the moment that i managed to persuade the first person to follow me, that everything changed in my mind.

If you think yourself as a hard worker and you have faith, this is the place you need to be right now. WARNING! No wussies allowed in this community. If you think you do not have that skills DO NOT join you will fail for sure. On the other hand if you have that qualifications, JOIN NOW, and you can thank me later.

Why i am so sure about it?

Well, don’t you want to work on your own business? With your own rules? When you want and most important of all, keep all the commissions! Not some crappy 30%, 40% or even 50% that others give but the whole 100%! There is no need for you to know Internet Marketing, no need to know how to create a blog or how to bring traffic to your site. All this educational material is provided when you join for free and you will be getting full mentoring through all of your steps. So, don’t waste more time.Join NowClick the button below.

How Can Big Idea Mastermind Help Me Be Successful

Lets get this straight from the beginning. Big Idea Mastermind is NOT another product, or e-book, or webinar like the rest affiliates out there. By joining Big Idea Mastermind you practically acquire leveled knowledge. The important part here is that this knowledge comes in levels depending on how much serious are you for your business. You have to understand that this movement, this community is all about creating and investing in your own online business.

The difference is that you can only join Big Idea Mastermind under a sponsor. A sponsor? I don’t need a sponsor many people argue. But here is the great idea. Your sponsor is obliged to help you make money in order for him to make more. So you can both earn! That’s the beauty of Big Idea Mastermind. So when you join, you will have to expect your sponsor to call you on the phone, or contact you via email, Skype, etc. His/Hers job is to mentor you, step by step, from the beginning and help you with all the questions you might have. This is why most people that work hard become successful with Big Idea Mastermind, because you follow a bullet proof method and you always have someone there to ask.

Different Levels of Big Idea Mastermind Community

Big Idea Mastermind has different levels of provided knowledge according to your willing to be serious and work hard for your online business. As higher as you get, the more private coaching you will have and the more the chances that you will succeed. Private content, guides and online material will be unlocked for every level. Hell, you can even talk in person with Vick when you are in Diamond level and participate at the Millionaires Retreat cruises all around the world. Below you can find the different levels of Big Idea Mastermind and the provided knowledge and permissions you can acquire.