How Hard Is It to Start Making Money on Twitch?

How do you know it’s time to seriously think about it? Well, you spend half of your time playing computer games instead of doing college writing assignments and your friends keep saying you’re really good. Moreover, you have a channel on YouTube where you update videos of you playing like a master and you already have some subscribers.

If the description above matches your current situation, then it’s clearly the right time to try Twitch.

The fact that you’re reading this article now is a clear sign that you have already heard about it, but you’re not sure if making money from streaming is real or just a myth. Also, you don’t know how hard it is to start doing it.

To begin with, you must know that what you heard about Twitch players that now are millionaires is true. For example, IMAQTPIE won 3 million dollars as a LoL streamer and former pro player.

But until you get there, it’s a long way to go, because making money on Twitch is not that simple.

First of all, you must know that there are more ways to make money streaming on Twitch. Below, you have a short description of two of them (these are the most recommended for beginners) with some comments about how difficult it is to gain money by using each of them.

  1. Twitch Subscriptions

Probably the most popular form of earning money on Twitch is by the mean of subscriptions. How does it work?

To begin with, you need to be a Twitch Affiliate (this is valid for all existent ways of winning money on Twitch). To get this statute, you must have at least 50 followers. Until you reach that number of followers, your channel won’t have a Subscribe button available.

As there are a lot of people who also want to get some money from streaming, it may be more difficult than you imagine to attract those 50 people. A small tip would be to promote your channel on all your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on). Also, promote yourself on YouTube if you also have a YT channel.

Soon after your channel is upgraded to the Partner or Affiliate status, you’ll have to convince your followers that you deserve to be subscribed. Twitch requires a monthly donation of either $4.99, $9.99, or $24.99 for subscriptions, with the chosen amount being divided half for Twitch and half for the streamer.

The best part is that this way, you can increase your income endlessly, as it depends only on the number of subscribers. The bad part is that you’ll have to work continually to keep their attention and interest, otherwise you will not get new subscribers and worse, you will lose the old ones.

By the way, the videos per se don’t represent the only methods to impress your viewers and make them subscribe to your channel.

Twitch also gives you the opportunity to communicate with your viewers on chat. They might enter your chat room to ask questions about various strategies or just to know you better as a real person. Responding to them in a kind, helpful tone can really help your channel to grow.

So, you need to be always friendly, willing to help others and last but not least, be a good player, have original movements and demonstrate your talent at eSports competitions.

2.     Bits

Whenever a viewer likes your video, he/she can support you by sending animated gifts as a message on the stream’s chat. These gifts have to be bought via Amazon Payments. You should also know that Twitch affiliates and partners acquire one cent for every bit that has been used in their channel’s chat.

Here we have a kind of win-win situation, as the ones who support you this way will receive special chat badges depending on the number of bits they have invested in their favorite streamers.

However, if you want to receive this kind of support, again, you have to be a good player and a good speaker.

You should know how to comment on your own game, have some sense of humor and distributive attention, as you should always have an eye on what your viewers write on the channel’s chat. Also, thanking all the people who supported you is a must, especially for beginners.

Initially, it may seem just a child’s game to make money on Twitch, but the reality is pretty different. You have to invest time (the more you play, the more chances you have to be remarked by Twitch viewers) and patience and you must be willing to communicate with your fans.

Remember that game streaming can become a full-time job for many successful people in the field. So yes, it’s not easy to make money on Twitch, but if you are really passionate about gaming, you can go for it!

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Best Options to Make Money Online as a College Student

College is expensive as hell, there’s no doubt about that. There’s good news, though: thanks to the INTERNET, you can earn quite an impressive amount of money on a monthly basis and you don’t have to sit in the rain or take orders from a boss that isn’t actually qualified to give you orders.

Here are some of the best options you have when it comes to making money online and paying at least a fraction of your writing help at or your tuition, or your rent.

  1. Freelancing

If you know your way around words, translation or any other marketable field, freelancing is definitely your best bet. You’ll work from the comfort of your own home and you’ll be able to choose your clients, which doesn’t happen when you have a normal, 8-hour job.

Of course, freelancing has its pitfalls. First off, it’s difficult to build a reputation. Second of all, the income can fluctuate severely if you don’t have a clean-cut objective. With hard work, however, you’ll make money out of something you like, an opportunity that not many people get. Get started by going on Upwork and creating an account.

  1. Blogging

Blogs can be used with affiliate marketing, as well as individual sources of income. If you’re writing or making videos about subjects that are of interest nowadays and you manage to engage readers and viewers, you can make thousands of dollars per month.

Again, this is easier said than done, because a blog doesn’t get a lot of traffic within the first few months. This is the main reason why many aspiring bloggers throw in the towel after a short while.

If others made it in this industry, though, it means that you can do it too.

  1. Sell Your Photographs 

If you’re into photography, you could be making a lot of money by selling your photographs online. There are tens upon tens of sites with paid photos. Shutterstock, for instance, is among the leaders in this field.

The best thing about doing this is that you can sell the photo multiple times to different persons, so it becomes a source of passive income.

  1. Become An YouTuber

It goes without saying that YouTube has become a go-to for young people. YouTubers can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars (millions, even) by making vlogs about topics that youngsters are into.

Something as simple as a reaction channel can bring you a couple of hundreds of dollars a month, and that’s not too shabby.

The Bottom Line

There are so many jobs online that we could write an entire book on them and we’d probably still have some left for Volume 2. Considering that you’ll have to juggle with both studying and earning money, an 8-hour job might not be the feasible.

Working online isn’t for everybody, that’s true, but one thing is certain: if you’ve made up your mind and you want to make money while still in college, you can do so and you’ll have time to study, too.

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Lead Generation Techniques

How to Initiate Yourself to Advanced

Every internet marketer, who respects himself, boasts for his email list and how he can print money out of thin air with the click of a button. But, what does all these mean, for the uninitiated and how someone can dive into advanced lead generation techniques? Why is the list so important and how can someone create a high quality list? All these may sound Chinese for a new comer to the Internet Marketing world but v+j success team is here to clarify this for you in this detailed guide.

On the Internet Marketing world, to have a high quality, responsive list is like the Holy Grail of your business (no offense for religious people :)). Internet is global and huge. So, the only way to keep in touch with a user that is interested for what you have to offer is his email. When a user fills his email on your form, he automatically has made the first step showing a very basic interest for what you have to offer. Its like giving you the permission to contact him for something new about your offer, business or whatever you might promote. Gathered emails are called leads on the Internet Marketing slang.

How Can Lead Generation Techniques Increase Your Sales

Once a user gives you the permission to contact him, by filling his email on your form, the possibility of a new sale appears. This is because you can follow up with your leads anytime you feel there is a reason to do it. What do i mean with this? Think from your personal experience, you don’t like your inbox getting flooded by spam emails or crappy offers and this is the reason that spam filters were invented also. However, the emails you are interested in and add value to you or otherwise help you accomplish your goal, whatever this might be, will be on top of your reading list, probably marked as important. Most times you will find yourself waiting for them to arrive. v+j success team provides REALLY AWESOME content to its subscribers.

So, what separates the valuable email from the spam? Valuable emails provide genuine info or somehow help the reader to achieve something or bring him one step closer to your valuable offer. You have to treat your leads as your most beloved friend, someone that is close to you, for them to respond back and love you by buying your offer. The thing that successful marketer DO RIGHT is to provide great info and value to their leads, positioning the subscriber to place that he waits for a email to read it and do whatever the marketer suggests. Did you get that? Whatever the marketer suggests aka printing money out of thin air with the click of a button.

High Quality Leads Will Increase Your Income Even More

Visualize who could be the perfect client for your business. A prospect that your offer or product would help him accomplish his goals. That is a high quality lead, meaning that the email of such person would have increased possibilities to buy from you on the future. A high quality lead must be genuine interested for the market your product comes to play, for example make money online. Acquiring a new lead from someone that is interested on weight loss would gave you 0 possibility on selling a make money online product. Similar, getting out there and buying thousands of emails wont do you no good, cause these are not genuine interested on your offer, people.

Creating a high quality list is a quite hard and long term process. But it will reward you in time when you have 1000 or more devoted followers that listen to your suggestions. There are many Lead Generation Techniques on the internet and you can use all of them, to test which has the best results from you.

Dont forget that your landing page and offer plays an important part during your lead generation process and you should spend a lot of time to optimize them, to be as awesome as possible! Something that you would buy too

How to Use Safe Swaps For Lead Generation

Safe Swaps is an advanced online tool for lead generation and list building. A user can use Safe Swaps to :

  • create a high quality list
  • to increase an existing list
  • to rent his list to other Safe Swaps users

Keep these in mind and i will explain them in detail further down on Safe Swaps review. Think of this website as a list trading or renting place that anyone who wants to promote his list or promote an offer to someone elses list can register. Registering with Safe Swaps offers a free and a premium subscription. Free plan gives you access to almost nothing, so i highly suggest to go for the premium and pay the 29$ monthly fee in order to get access to more advanced tools. While registering, Safe Swaps will ask you for your account details, an avatar, your small description and your basic swipe (the email offer that you want to promote).

Going with the premium subscription, you will have access to your personal dashboard. There you can see your avatar, the points youve gathered that correspond to your reliability towards other members, statistics with optins, clicks and filtered clicks. There is also historic tracking with your latest event and your upcoming event to help you better track your swaps. An important detail is that you can connect your email service (aweber, getresponse, mailchimp, etc) to auto schedule and verify each swap details.

Hovering your cursor over Search button will pop up a new window with multiple choices. There you have the choice to search for other member in order to make :

  1. Ad Swap with list (you can choose to sent your email offer to a specific size of list)
  2. Ad Swap with clicks (your email exchange will be counted in resulted clicks for each side)
  3. Solo Clicks (you can rent other members list for a specific number of clicks)
  4. Solo Price (you can rent other members list for a specific amount of money)
  5. By Swipe (you can exchange with specific email offer that you like to promote)

Lets say you make a search for an ad swap based on clicks. The result page will present you the sum of other members that can make an ad swap based on clicks, according to the click number you searched. In addition to this every member will be presented with its avatar, description, ratings, list size and average clicks and a Book Ad Swap button to make a proposal for an ad swap to that member. There are more options on your left to further customize your search like sort by score, list size, average clicks, last seen online or exclude members with high limits, members already booked, members that recently swapped or members with unverified lists.

Click on the menu button named Swaps to see your calendar. Calendar is useful to track your booked days, previous swaps you’ve completed and basic details for that swaps like clicks, options, rating, etc Click on a booked day to see detailed info about that swap or click to an empty day to make the system search for other members that are available for a swap at that specific day.

Safe Swaps website has a forum for its members also. You can participate there if you want to ask for advices an other member or look for a specific swap, or even if you are that forum guy that wants to participate to every forum:P

There is the option to talk with other members through private inbox messages, in order to better optimize your swap or plan something outside of Safe Swaps with a specific member. The only bad thing of the message system is that any member has the ability to pm you, making your inbox over crowded in a few days period.

Here is the details screen that you will get during an ad swap. Here you can track the details you got from your partner like clicks, the options you got, any filtered clicks might happen, the profit you got (if you sell something) and the areas of the world that the clicks originate from. Underneath are the same exact details for the traffic you provided to your partner. Your partner sees the exact same details on his dashboard, but vice versa.

The account settings screen is separated with multiple choices on your left and basic details like your affiliate link to promote Safe Swaps(YES you can promote Safe Swaps and gain some income from that), your profile direct link, your leader board place on every swap category you have participated in and your forum ratings. From there you can choose to edit your about me section, your swipes, the autoresponders you use, your calendar, activate the solo ad seller option and other account specific choices.

Safe Swaps got an affiliate program that you can take advantage of, earning some money or even your monthly subscription if you are doing good, promoting it. For example only 15 referrals will earn you $225 monthly residual income. Pretty cool ah? Clicking on the affiliate button will show you your personal affiliate link, promotion material like banners and articles, and your monthly earnings.

Here we are at the end of this blog post. I’m using Safe Swaps with much success and i also suggest to v+j success team members to use it. People i know and have used Safe Swaps got only good opinions to express for this platform. Having said that, i highly recommend you to try it out in order to create or increase your list size. 

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How to Increase Your Income With a Smart WordPress Theme

Themes are tools that are of great importance to a self hosted WordPress blog. There are literally millions of different themes for you to choose from, on the internet. A nice theme is crucial for the looks of your website. It is almost certain that you will want to visually appeal your readers and make them like your website in order to come here more frequently, presenting you with the chance to accomplish your goals easier. You can choose between simple blog themes or more advanced magazine templates, responsive templates that adjust to different screens, HTML5 templates, Flash templates, corporate templates, etc…

Theme pricing and customizability is an important aspect to think of before you select the one that you will install on your WordPress platform. Prices differ from free to pretty expensive themes, like 100$ or more depending the under the hood technologies they implement. The customizing options that the template you like has, must also be an important choosing factor. You have to agree that if you buy a theme that has limited customize choices, you will most certainly end up messing with php coding in order to customize it the way you like. A theme can instantly change by going to your WordPress Dashboard, on the menu Appearance and then Themes. There you can install multiple themes and select whatever suits your website the best.


The Importance of a WordPress Theme to Your Income

So, why is it so important to install the correct WordPress theme for your website? Most people stick to the really fancy ones, with huge sliders, pretty carousels, high definition graphics and tons of information for the reader. The truth is miles different though, if we are talking in terms of moneytization of a website. I mostly agree that if you want to create a magazine website or something similar you would need to stuck much information on every page in order to keep a user as much time as possible on you website. That means that you will probably moneytize your website as a 3rd party publisher gaining money from user impressions, or maybe from CPC type text ads, like Google Adsense.

But this is the one waywhat if you want your user to accomplish an action? What if you want your user to buy something, or fill his email to a list, or make a social action (follow, like, +1etc), or even leave a comment for you.

This is called, Conversion Rate(CR) and it is measurable, so you need to start thinking how to increase it, in order to fulfill your goals and increase your earnings! You have to clear this on your mind once and for all. A reader needs to be told specifically what to do on a blog post. This is called Call To Action(CTA) and its measurable also. Various statistics and measurements have been done, proving that a single page with only a button in it can obtain an increase of over 2000% on the CRs of a CTA. Lets pause and think of this for a momentwould you like thousands of users that do nothing on your site, or hundreds of users that do whatever you tell them to do?

Why v+j success team Uses a Simple WordPress Theme Like Socrates

Like i previously mentioned, when you want your reader to accomplish an action you need to guide him and hide all distractions like sidebars with multiple widgets and banners, social network sharing plugins, etcYou want your user to stay focused on the Call to Action you present to him!

Socrates theme is simple, but very flexible and easy to customize for any need you might have. You just have to put your activation code after a regular WordPress Install. It has the usual magazine templates with sliders and big images and easy to implement placeholders for your Adsense code or any other ad you might promote. You can find literally thousands of header images to put there and they can be changed with the click of a button. A really nice feature of Socrates theme is its integration with any Clickbank product you might promote. There is also pre made spots for your social networks and the ability to rotate your leaderboard banners on a time sequence.

Another cool feature of Socrates WordPress Theme is the ability to install Googles Custom Search for your website search. It has also no sidebar templates, ready sales page templates, squeeze page templates and more. In this WordPress theme you can find multiple shortcodes to use with different size, different color buttons that include 5 stars reviews. You can see the use of Socrates WordPress Theme on this blog right here and on the images below.

Review of Socrates WordPress Theme

This is the main demo screen of the Socrates WordPress theme. As you can see there is a wide header image that can, really easy, be changed to a custom image of yours or you can choose from hundreds available for almost any niche through Socrates header exhange system. The menu bar gives you the choice between the default search function or the Google Custom Search Engine(AdSense included) for you to use on your site. Under the menu bar is a placeholder for your leaderboard ads and there you can rotate a maximum of 3 different clickable ads. Next to the leaderboard placeholder is the default social placeholder for your social media and this can be rotating too. You can even choose to have a nivo slider, that will show your featured posts, on your home page.
You have 3 different home layouts to choose from with Socrates. The Magazine 1 , the Magazine 2 and the normal blog that will only show your blog post timeline. The Magazine 1 home layout comes with a nivo slider that will present your featured post images in 640w to 250h dimensions making it an impressive addition if youd like to use it to draw users attention to specific posts. Under the slider there is your normal blog post timeline with a featured image on the left and a quick preview for the user to choose what to read. This layout comes with a left or right 300 px sidebar where you can insert widgets, banners or whatever you might like.

Magazine 2 layout presents you with the same slider. Instead this time your home page splits vertically to 2 different blog post timelines. You can find the normal blog post timeline with a little featured image and the blog post title on your left. On your right there is a blog post timeline from your featured category showing a wider image. In my opinion this is an even better choice if you want to focus your readers on the featured category blog posts, because your featured blog posts take a lot more space in front of the reader eyes in this layout. As always there is your regular 300 px sidebar, on your left or on your right.
Socrates gives you the choice to have a no sidebar layout. This is better used if you want to focus your readers to a Call to Action behaviour through your blog posts. No sidebar layout has no widgets, banners and various shiny stuff that will distract your readers interests. Use this layout if you want to increase your Conversion Rates and your income.

Portfolio layout is a great addition for you to present your personal or business work. It comes as full width with no sidebars and there is a featured image and a preview of your blog post there. This is better used for specific circumstances like the ones mentioned previously.

This WordPress theme comes with 2 predesigned sales templates for you to choose from. These layouts can be used for your convenience instead of going out there and creating your own sales page or hire a programmer to create one for you. The sales page templates can be used if you have a product, ebook, video course or something in general to sell to a user. Using these templates you can incredibly focus your readers to the CTA you want them to have. Its like either you buy or dont buy50 50 chancesThere is the normal sales page template with a header menu and a skinny sales page template with a tiny menu on the end for you to choose how to play.

The Squeeze page templates that included in Socrates theme might be the most important addition. Squeeze page templates can be used as a landing page in order to obtain a detail from your reader, like his email. Landing pages play the most important role when it comes to Internet Marketing strategies and promoting your products. As you might be aware of, an email list with happy fans of your business can bring you a lot of money if you use it wisely. Socrates comes with 2 squeeze page templates. A simple one, text based with an email form on the right and a more complex one that gives you the choice to input your video and some html code in there.
Shortcode Buttons can be used throughout your website in different sizes and colors. You can even insert a star rating over your buttons to make them look more prestigious. This is a nice feature you can use without any other additions.

Socrates comes with a handy, elegant contact form with many options for you to use on you website. You can customize it to have multiple types of choices like dropdown menus, checkboxes, radio buttons, captcha and more. This contact form can be customized as to which email should the details be emailed to when a user uses it to contact you.
Here we are, at the end of this blog post and v+j success team managed to obtain another special gift for our readers!

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Big Idea Mastermind Review

It seems that more and more people talk about Big Idea Mastermind lately. Many different opinions expressed, most of them accompanied with personal testimonials, fewer as a possible scam. But what is it really all about? Why all this fuss about Big Idea Mastermind and why you should take a closer look, or even better join now if you still havent done that.

Big Idea Mastermind is as quoted by its creator, Vick Strizheus, a one-of-a-kind automated marketing system. This means that by joining, all your marketing efforts will now be almost automated and you will have very few things to do in order to make money. So from this point of view, this system already differs from the ones we are used of hearing, like e-book guides, info products, video webinars etc

So Why Big Idea Mastermind Is Ideal For Me Then?

If you are reading this, the possibility is that you as most people do, is trying to make some money online in order to quit their normal job or add some extra cash to their income or whatever your reasons are. However you are probably used listening stories about people that tried online, maybe spent enough money buying products and ultimately succeed nothing and stopped trying. I wont blame you, even for thinking Big Idea Mastermind is a scam project, also.

But the truth is way different from what you may have used on. Being myself a part of Big Idea Mastermind Community since January 2013, i came across many personal arguments and had many negative thoughts on this. There have been times that i thought of quitting but for some strange reason i kept trying, as our mentor Vick Strizheus proposed all the time. And finally, my first commission!!! It was the moment that i managed to persuade the first person to follow me, that everything changed in my mind.

If you think yourself as a hard worker and you have faith, this is the place you need to be right now. WARNING! No wussies allowed in this community. If you think you do not have that skills DO NOT join you will fail for sure. On the other hand if you have that qualifications, JOIN NOW, and you can thank me later.

Why i am so sure about it?

Well, don’t you want to work on your own business? With your own rules? When you want and most important of all, keep all the commissions! Not some crappy 30%, 40% or even 50% that others give but the whole 100%! There is no need for you to know Internet Marketing, no need to know how to create a blog or how to bring traffic to your site. All this educational material is provided when you join for free and you will be getting full mentoring through all of your steps. So, don’t waste more time.Join NowClick the button below.

How Can Big Idea Mastermind Help Me Be Successful

Lets get this straight from the beginning. Big Idea Mastermind is NOT another product, or e-book, or webinar like the rest affiliates out there. By joining Big Idea Mastermind you practically acquire leveled knowledge. The important part here is that this knowledge comes in levels depending on how much serious are you for your business. You have to understand that this movement, this community is all about creating and investing in your own online business.

The difference is that you can only join Big Idea Mastermind under a sponsor. A sponsor? I don’t need a sponsor many people argue. But here is the great idea. Your sponsor is obliged to help you make money in order for him to make more. So you can both earn! That’s the beauty of Big Idea Mastermind. So when you join, you will have to expect your sponsor to call you on the phone, or contact you via email, Skype, etc. His/Hers job is to mentor you, step by step, from the beginning and help you with all the questions you might have. This is why most people that work hard become successful with Big Idea Mastermind, because you follow a bullet proof method and you always have someone there to ask.

Different Levels of Big Idea Mastermind Community

Big Idea Mastermind has different levels of provided knowledge according to your willing to be serious and work hard for your online business. As higher as you get, the more private coaching you will have and the more the chances that you will succeed. Private content, guides and online material will be unlocked for every level. Hell, you can even talk in person with Vick when you are in Diamond level and participate at the Millionaires Retreat cruises all around the world. Below you can find the different levels of Big Idea Mastermind and the provided knowledge and permissions you can acquire.

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Daily Tips – What’s Your Why? What Drives You?

Hey folks…

…getting ready to follow my daily training routine , but before – i had these thoughts , that can help you clarify some things in your mind for a moment.

You see the last months , I’ve been getting to know and meet many new people here in Phuket – Thailand, who are earning pretty good amounts of money through different online businesses.

So, now you are probably thinking , what’s the problem with people earning good money online…?

With NO Inner Self-Development , “Goods” are Only Passing by…

In my opinion and according to my knowledge , in order to obtain a “good” in life, whatever this might be i.e. money, cars, house or even a good spouse , we need to be ready to accept it. Ourselves need to be ready to appreciate and fully understand the value of it.

You know there is a phrase which goes like this – “everything in life happens for a reason“. So, we can only obtain what we can appreciate and understand – and when we are ready that “good” will appear magically in our life.

On the other hand, we might get lucky and obtain different “goods” without really been ready to appreciate them. As a result and in most cases that “goods” will only be passing by…


Watching people that have NO Real WHY to make them work and fight harder to obtain their wanted “goods” is like watching a tragedy waiting to happen. Even worse are people with NO Real DRIVE to provide something good to the society.

Why i’m saying that this is a tragedy waiting to happen?

Because , don’t forget that this is my opinion through my experience that lead me here , if you don’t have Crystal Clear Goals and a Strong DRIVE to achieve your goals and to keep placing higher goals – means you are NOT Growing, instead you are shrinking…

The paradox is that those people , don’t know this…they can’t feel it until the failure appears. It’s their ego that makes them think that “luck” will always provide for them.

So…if you are struggling and going through hell…keep going – keep pushing even harder , because this situation will be your strong pillar instead of no pillar…

This is what we are good at – pushing YOU to work harder – helping YOU go further – providing YOU the tools to achieve YOUR goals – being there for YOU…Start Here

P.S. Leave me a comment and share this with your friends

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Daily Tips – The Proper Tools to Win the Battle

Hey folks, Vasilis here coming at you from the beautiful island of Penang in Malaysia.

Being able to work from wherever in the world can have many advantages as you can obvisouly watch in this video…like visiting new places and building a stable income at the same time.

However , constantly visiting new places gives you the opportunity to learn many many new things , meet new people, open your mind to new ideas and have the ability to transfer all these new images to your people.

Your Fort, Your Weapons & Your Battle?

If you watched the video…(if you didn’t – GO UP and watch it because it includes the whole idea of this blog post in 2 mins)…you probably know till now that i’m talking about a battle , how to win a war , your weapons , your tools etc…etc…

You see throughout all our life we are going through many battles, daily in every imaginable part of our life, without even understanding it most of the times. We are “fighting“…

  • to build a great relationship with our loved ones
  • to maintain and increase our income
  • to provide a better life to our familes
  • to sustain a good health or fitness level
  • to obtain and achieve our goals

and so many more things…

Are you with me ??? Leave me a comment then.

Program Yourself for Success

The Proper Tools to Win the Battle

If you relate with the previous examples, then we have many things in common and you are very close to a new level of success…the only thing that remains for you to do is to TAKE ACTION and improve your results by using the correct tools.

What i mean with the phrase “using the correct tools” ?

The correct tools is the proper education – systems – skills. Note this down!

If we need to make more money, we are required to invest at the “HOW TO” part of our education and system. If we need to build better relationships, we need to invest to that specific “HOW TO“.

You see all our battles can be won using the correct “HOW TO” solution – that means the “correct tool” for the appropriate battle we are going through in our life…

If you are looking for the “correct tool” or HOW TO build a sustainable online business – make money online – obtain Freedom & Prosperity, look no further.

P.S. Leave me a comment and share this with your friends…

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Daily Tips – Learn to Be Adjustable & Teachable

Hey folks…Vasilis here , coming to you from the beautiful island of Penang in Malaysia.

Right now most of you will be wondering…”How can he travel from Phuket to Penang and other countries…?

You see, i chose to work for my self – with NO boss – living an exotic lifestyle an traveling the world.

The best part is that traveling the world, you get to learn many things from the common people – things that can give you multiple ideas about the “working online” industry.

Adjustable & Teachable – An Overlooked Aspect of Success

Since the first time i came in Penang and in Malaysia in general, i had this great “HOW” spinning in my mind…

How did they manage to have a peaceful culture that includes very big percentages of all the widely known religions like Budhism – Christianism – Muslims etc etc

As you know…our world is plagued with “religion wars” especially in Arabic countries. However here you can see people living in total peace , hanging around with people from different religions , respecting their individuality of belief & worship and finally creating long lasting relationships.

There had to be an answer…something i was missing and i had to find it out cause my mind wouldn’t relax…:-)

Are You Missing a Few Details or You Want Some more Proofs? 

The Sneaky Mistake we All Do…

…and then the answer came to my mind, just flashed out of the blue.

You see i had this information that since England allowed Malaysia to be independent, there were 3 generations till now. So the people had time to blend and adjust to the required circumstances.

And here is the answer – People were “forced” to become Teachable & Adjustable

What that means is that people had an open mind , they tried to adjust in their environment and to teach themselves to communicate and solve their matters peacefully.

On the other hand , 99% of people failing to make money online is because they are NOT Teachable & Adjustable. That means that they are not willing to follow basic guidelines that are proven to work and are not ready to leave their Ego behind.

So, they try to “fit” the advices & guidelines to their point of view…without understanding that this will ultimately lead to their certain failure…

Maybe you’ve experienced this in a previous situation or you want to “Program Yourself for Success“.

Let’s Work Together

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The Money Mind Virus that Keeps us Poor

Hey folks…Vasilis here

Here is a sensitive matter that I noticed, all people have, without even knowing it. We are all biased “against” money…we think money are “evil” and we don’t deserve it…and this is weird when you are trying to earn money in whatever business you are.

But before we dive into this “childhood problem” or “society problem”, however you might call it…

Let’s Learn The Secret Story of Money


I’m sure that right now…after watching this video you should feel able to zoom out and take a more “strategic” look at the plan you have for building wealth in your life.

After understanding the different forms of money, and why we lose so much of it without even knowing that it’s happening, comes the time to start TAKING ACTION.

Because believe it or not…

Your Financial Situation Right Now is the Result of Your Best Thinking“…

So if you are not happy with the results, there is something that needs to be changed RIGHT NOW…make a different decision…take a different path…

Why We Fail With Money…?

Now…This almost sounds like science fiction, but it turns out that the way that our brains are wired actually PREVENTS us from ever accumulating wealth.


Did you understand why something like a simple car payment can wind up costing you MILLIONS of dollars (you read that right, millions)?

Also, why the “natural” way that most of us think about buying things costs us multiple TIMES the original price in the long-run (and this isn’t because we use credit cards or pay interest).

These insights have made a massive difference in my financial life, using them in combination with…

The Money Gap & How to Close it


In this video you learned two more of money’s “dirty secrets” – including an insight about self-made millionaires that is helping me achieve a lot of success in my business and financial life.

Also, the single biggest obstacle that most people face in the area of makingthemselves financially independent. And the “kicker” is that most people have NO IDEA that this obstacle is even blocking them.

So, who does playing small serves? It surely serves better to play large!!!


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